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Why does my Stomach Hurt

if you are experiencing pains, find information here on why your stomach hurts. There are many reasons for stomach pain including appendicitis, indigestion, ulcers, and cramping.

“Why does my stomach hurt?”

Your stomach usually functions without any interference or thought by you. Now your stomach hurts and you need help yourself.

The Best Action to take when your Stomach Hurts

You should start to think of things you ate, drank, or even activities you did prior to the pain.

Internet or Doctors’ visits for when your Stomach Hurts

These days, the internet is often a part of your health professional team. It contains so much information.....more than you could think of wanting. How do you know it is true?

Tracing the source of the pain

Look for the answer by tracing back the to the possible causes, and then researching them on the internet. Information will help heal you.

When your stomach hurts, it could be caused by so many factors:

  • Stress.
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Disease
  • It is just confused
  • Allergies
  • more reasons 

This is why we launched this website. We want to help you sort out the information.

A holistic point of view means that everything is connected. Our bodies function perfectly on their own, until they don't. This indicates an imbalance. Further inputs such as eating or medications can further disturb the imbalance.

Conventional wisdom and medicine and a holistic approach will help make you feel better. The truth is that it takes a combination of the two disciplines to cure you.

First you need history and knowledge.

Stomach Hurts: A difficult Topic

At times it’s really not easy to answer the question “Why does my stomach hurt?” without undergoing your history, food intake, laboratory tests, and a physician’s diagnosis.

Even then they can tell you you have irritable bowels, which isn't a disease. This is when a combination and holistic approach will help the most.

Self-Assessing Stomach Problems

One thing to do is to assess yourself properly. Try to remember all the details before your stomach started to hurt, because that information is very important

Remember, everything you take into your mouth will drop down to your stomach.

Keep the Law of Cause and Effect in mind.

The question “Why does my stomach hurt?” is the effect of something, very often what you consumed.

It’s also important to determine the when, where, what, and how. 

Stomach tenderness or stomach pain that lasts or is overwhelming is not something that should be ignored. You should always take it seriously.


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Genetic Disease

Other organs such as the Gall Bladder or Appendix




Food Born Bacteria


 Why does my stomach hurt



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